Tips On How To Fix Nikon Camera

Often, you may be experiencing some problems with your point and shoot Nikon camera which may not result in any error message. Fixing these problems can be a little difficult and tricky and you may feel like fixing it yourself. In eke, Nikon troubleshooting shouldn’t be a difficult process. These tips will give u a better chance to troubleshoot a Nikon point and shoot camera.

Camera Refuses To Power Up

First check the battery because, it’s the most common reason for a dead camera. You should first ask your self these questions before trying to fix the Nikon camera,

  1. Is the battery fully charged.
  2. Is the battery inserted correctly
  3. Are the battery’s metal connectors clean.(You can make use of any soft cloth to remove any dirt or grime from the battery connector.)

Also check if their is any particles or objects in the battery compartment that could prevent a good charging connection.

LCD Shows Nothing Or Goes Blank Regularly 

Almost 85% of Nikon camera have what Nikon calls the MONITOR button which helps the LCD switch on and off. Look for the model’s monitor button and hit it, your LCD is turned off. Most of these Nikon cameras have power saving mode were the camera powers down the LCD after a few minutes of not being active. If this problems frequently happens, start considering turning off the power saving mode or lengthening the the amount of time before the power saving mode begins. You can effect this type of change on your camera’s settings through the on screen menus, normally the setup menu on a Nikon cool pix point and shoot camera.

LCD Screen Is Not Easily Viewed

If the LCD screen is dim, you can increase the screen brightness making use of some Nikon models. Some LCD, due to glare, can be difficult to see in direct sunlight. Make use of your free hand to shield the LCD screen from the direct sun. Also you can move your body to avoid having the sun shine on the LCD.

In eke, if the LCD screen is dirty, try cleaning it with a soft and dry microfiber cloth.
The Camera Won’t Record Any Photo When The Shutter Button Is Pushed
Ensure that the selector dial is turned to select a photo recording model rather than a playback or return mode or a video recording mode. Ensure that you have enough battery to snap photos because a drained battery may not be able to operate the camera effectively. In a situation whereby the camera auto focus cannot accurately focus on the subject, the Nikon camera may not be able to save photos. More so if memory card or the internal phone memory is full, the camera may not be able to save photos. The camera will not be able to record photos because it already has 999 photos in the memory. Some older model of Nikon camera are not capable of storing more than 999 photos at once.
The Camera Shooting Information Will Not Display
With most Nikon point and shoot camera, you can press a MONITOR button or a DISPLAY button that will place the shooting settings and information on the display screen. Continuously pressing of the button will cause different information to appear on the screen or will even remove all shooting data from the screen.
The Camera Auto Focus Refuses To Work Perfectly
You can turn off the auto focus assist lamp with the help of some Nikon point and shoot cameras. If the auto ocus lamp is off, the camera may not focus properly. Look through the menu of the Nikon camera to turn on the auto focus assist lamp. Also for the auto focus to work effectively, you may also be too close to the subject.

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