Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Do Blow Up

Since the production of new Samsung Galaxy 7 note, we’ve recorded thousands of report concerning the battery problem which as reported  tends to blow up. Also it is said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is somehow similar to having an atomic bomb which tends to blow up when heated

I will tutorial you through this article.

As regarded to the report from the Smartphone company, Samsung to be specific, Based on the research carried out by the admin @, it was recorded that there was an issue yet to be rectified with the Samsung Galaxy 7 note cell.

The overheating of the cell phone battery normally occure when the anode-to-cathode came into contact which is a very rare manufacturing process error.

According to the company;

We are working with multiple suppliers to ensure that a rigorous inspection process is conducted to ensure the quality of our replacement units and we do not anticipate any further battery problem.

This is the case of ”Techical Depths”, in this case, the manufacturers tends to lose customers because one thing is certain, I.e remunerating the number os customers who have had the experience of the battery bombing of the Samsung Galaxy note 7.

From what is being Quoted in the article above, it can be seen that the material used in manufacturing Samsung phones are highly reactive to heat, a times, this occurs whenever there is an overflow of thermal heat transferred.

This normally occurs when you keep on charging the phone even when it has reached the maximum charging point ”100%”. We hope to seeing some corrections on the Samsung product.

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