Powerocks Micro USB Car charger review (charger for almost all devices)

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Ever wondered why car owners make the mistake of buying fake chargers and end up spending huge sum of money on car chargers as they travel from places to places, well this is basically because private car owners and commercial drivers do not seem to have the basic knowledge of car chargers and which has better lasting ability than another. Instead they jump into buying car chargers at random and pray it serves them better than the spoilt last one which was bought along the roadside by car gadgets hawkers (In Nigeria).

In this effect, we wished to write a review of the last car charger we used which was bought exactly on 28th March 2017. We decided to keep it this long before writing this review so we could boldly say whatever we wish to say here about the Powerocks micro USB Car charger.

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Few days before I bought the Powerocks micro USB car charger, I was checking out jumia online deals on car gadgets because that was exactly what I was looking for, then I stumbled upon this Powerocks micro USB Car charger specifically designed to catch the awe of everyone who gazed on it.  I decided to give this awesome car charger a trial and know if it was worth the rush and behold it was worth the benefit of the doubt I gave to it. As I stated earlier, I have used this Powerocks micro USB car charger for 3 months now and nothing to be disturbed about, its still safe and sound and from my presumptions it may still go a long way in usage.

As it is being reffered to as the perfect companion for your mobile devices I never doubted the given name. For as long as I have used this device and it served me well I wished to bring to the entire public my review and experience with this wonderful device (Powerocks Micro USB Car Charger). As every other review goes, we have to start from somewhere and we are already doing so;

Product information

Stay charged while on the go with the Powerocks universal car charger. This car charger is the ideal acessory for use with your microUSB device, including phones, MP3 players, your Powerocks joystick, and more. It plugs directly into your cars DC port for convenient charging on the go, and includes a micro USB plug that connects directly to your device so you will never have to worry about carrying a spare cable. And also for added convenience, the charger also includes a built-in light so you can easily see when the charger is powered on.

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Product features

. The idea accessory for use with your MicroUSB device including phones, MP3 players and more.

. Plug directly into your cars DC port for convenient charging on the go.

. Features an attached MicroUSB cord so you never have to worry about carrying an extra cable.

. Includes a built-in light so you could easily see if it is connected or not.

Device specifications

. Color: black only

. Compatibility: devices powered by MicroUSB including phones, MP3 players, the POWEROCKS MagicStick and more.

. Connector: MicroUSB

. Output: 4.75 to 5.25 Voc

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