Omni MP Video Player review (Best Video Player App For Windows Devices)

In my experience as a blogger I have learned to teach out of experience and knowledge not just an affirmation of what the people think and as such I have decided to write this review about the Omni MP video player application specifically manufactured for windows phone devices (Nokia lumia) precisely. This application may have to work on other windows devices but I wished to focus my review on Nokia lumia phones as it was the device it affected me with.

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Few months back I have been having several issues with my cell phone not being able to play high end videos using my movies and TV app which is a system software that came with the device. Speaking of high end videos, we have the HD movies and others of which I was only able to play some lower videos with my phone and this drove uncomfortablility in me considering I cannot use my phone to achieve what I wanted.

In a bid to help my predicament, I resorted to searching online and I came accross an article recommending VLC media player, Adobe video player, Play video, total video converter and the Omni MP video player for windows phone devices and I decided to give it all a trial. I wasted my data and downloaded some while I paid for some using my credit card and still none of the fore mentioned was working out my goal and I decided to leave the remaining that I haven’t tried out.

Just recently last week I took on to try out the Omni MP video player and this app just looked exactly different from what I used to see in the past apps I used for the videos. The Omni MP video player has some specifications which ensured it stood out in standards and working when compared with its counterparts. Below are the description, specification and properties of the app.

The Omni MP video player description

It plays all kinds of video format including HD, MKV and MP4.


The Omni MP video player is available on mobile windows devices.

Version notes

Version number:

System requirements

Minimum OS: windows 10 mobile, windows 8.1

Architecture: ARM

Recommended OS: windows 10 mobile, windows 8.1

Architecture: ARM

Additional information

App published by


Approximate download size




Age rating


This app can

Use your device network services

Use your music

Installation get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on any windows 10 and windows 8.1 device.

Language supported

English (United states)

Publisher info

Publisher support

Additional terms

Omni MP video player privacy policy

Wrap up

With these detailed review we believe that every windows phone user finding it difficult to play their videos for some specific reasons you should download this app and let your videos flow like you never imagined. I tried this and I am confident enough to say its worth giving the trial.

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