Author: Nnoli Somadina

Zuckerberg Takes Out Ads To Apologize As Facebook Data Misuse Crisis Intensifies

26th March 2018

As Facebook continues to buffet winds of criticism, its founder took out full page ads in U.S. and British newspapers Sunday to apologize to consumers for not properly securing their personal data. “This was a breach of trust, and I’m sorry we didn’t do more at the time,” Mark Zuckerberg said in the signed ad, which […]

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Lost $10 Billion In Wealth This Week

26th March 2018

The scandal surrounding Facebook, the data mining firm Cambridge Analytica and the mishandling of people’s private information is hitting close to home for Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook co-founder and CEO lost more than $10 billion in wealth this week as shares of the social network giant tumbled almost 14% in five days. The loss sent Zuckerberg’s net worth down […]

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Steps On How To Access AirDrop In The iOS 11 Control Center

24th March 2018

AirDrop is basically one of the best secrets on the iPhone and iPad. It’s an application that allows you to transfer photos, videos, documents and many more to any nearby device (from one Apple to another) and also it can be used to copy files between an iPhone and an iPad. The AirDrop can also be […]

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Top 18 Tech Trends At CES 2018

23rd March 2018

As you know, I always hunt for trends. Why? It’s important to know what’s coming next so you can budget for and leverage the right tech that will propel your business forward. Last week I attended CES, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, and the innovation on display didn’t disappoint. From AI […]

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Tips On How To Fix Nikon Camera

22nd March 2018

Often, you may be experiencing some problems with your point and shoot Nikon camera which may not result in any error message. Fixing these problems can be a little difficult and tricky and you may feel like fixing it yourself. In eke, Nikon troubleshooting shouldn’t be a difficult process. These tips will give u a […]

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Top 9 Famous Amazon-Owned Websites You Should Use In 2018

18th March 2018

Try typing “list of Amazon subsidiaries” in Google Search. Watch the carousel of Amazon companies that you may not have heard about at the top of the page. The Amazon Empire may be more interesting than you first thought. because Amazon is the Walmart of the future. All of the technologies pioneered by Amazon affect our […]

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Tips On How To Get Rid Of iPhone White Screen Death

23rd February 2018

iPhone screen goes totally white or blank, doesn’t show any icon nor any application, there is one main thing causing the problem. Some iPhone user may be having the problem of white screen which is also called iPhone white screen of death. The iPhone White Screen rarely lives up to its name. The steps and […]

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Best 7 Water Resistance Phone Cases To Buy In 2018

17th February 2018

FIRST APPEARED ON LIFEWIRE.COM While some of thIS newest smartphones have started to add protection against liquids, there are still millions of smartphones out on the market that should stay far, far away from them. Whether it’s an accidental fall in the toilet, in a puddle or a spilled drink, smartphones and liquid are a […]

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Steps On Fixing Wireless Network Problems With An Apple iOS Device

11th February 2018

As iPhone, android and Apple iOS advance in technology, people tends to do more with their different devices, but more can also go wrong. this simple guide narrates how to avoid the most common Wi-Fi connection problems on Apple iPhone and other iOS devices. The following steps are listed below; Updating iOS To Improve The […]

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4 Way Of Keeping Your Old iPhone Working Effectively

9th February 2018

Still using an old iPhone, be it iPhone 4s or iPhone 6, here are some tips on how to keep your iPhone working effectively. Do Not Update iOS Apple phone’s are going to chase us down for this one, but it is true. Apple phone’s have added some new features to iOS which includes often […]

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Best 6 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot To Use in 2018

8th February 2018

The internet have become one of the main lifeline in our human life today, if not connected to it even when we are on-the-go, we do feel like a great thing is missing missing out. Regards to road warriors and soccer moms alike. The invention of the wireless mobile hotspots gave us the ability to […]

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Top 5 Photo Editing Skills to Master

4th February 2018

It is uncommon to have a single photograph capture a scene exactly as intended. There are some exceptions, such as portrait photos taken inside a studio, where lighting, backgrounds, camera positioning, and even poses are under great control. Thankfully, there are plenty of image editing programs and mobile apps packed with tools to help you […]

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How to Watch Netflix Offline

17th January 2018

First appeared on Lifewire Netflix’s extensive lineup of commercial-free, on-demand TV show episodes and movies makes it super convenient to watch something anywhere, anytime. You can also download movies from Netflix for offline viewing using a simple button. Whether you are a cord cutter or just need a quick movie fix on the road, learn how to […]

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Why CPU Failures Like Meltdown or Specter Happen

12th January 2018

A problem with a CPU, the “brains” of your computer or other device, can usually be categorized as a bug or a flaw. In this context, a CPU bug is any issue with it that can be fixed or worked around without affecting the rest of the system, while a CPU flaw is a fundamental […]

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