Month: January 2018

How to Watch Netflix Offline

17th January 2018

First appeared on Lifewire Netflix’s extensive lineup of commercial-free, on-demand TV show episodes and movies makes it super convenient to watch something anywhere, anytime. You can also download movies from Netflix for offline viewing using a simple button. Whether you are a cord cutter or just need a quick movie fix on the road, learn how to […]

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Why CPU Failures Like Meltdown or Specter Happen

12th January 2018

A problem with a CPU, the “brains” of your computer or other device, can usually be categorized as a bug or a flaw. In this context, a CPU bug is any issue with it that can be fixed or worked around without affecting the rest of the system, while a CPU flaw is a fundamental […]

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Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Do Blow Up

10th January 2018

Since the production of new Samsung Galaxy 7 note, we’ve recorded thousands of report concerning the battery problem which as reported  tends to blow up. Also it is said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is somehow similar to having an atomic bomb which tends to blow up when heated I will tutorial you through […]

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How to Organize Apps on Your iPad

9th January 2018

Apple owns the trademark to “there’s an app for that” for good reason: there seems to be an app for almost everything. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app for organizing all of the apps you download from the App Store, and if you love to take advantage of every download-for-free promotion that comes your way, you […]

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Reasons Why Your Wi-Fi Connection Drop

8th January 2018

Home or public wireless connection, your wireless networks tends to drop unexpectedly for no goof reason. The wirelss connection failure can be especially frustrating. Failed wireless conection are common than you might think, and fortunately, the solutions are listed below. With this checklist, you can determine why it’s happening and ways of preventing it. 01.Wi-Fi […]

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Do Taking Phone Calls Really Cause Explosions in a Gas House? (Can You Take Calls in a Filling Station)

8th January 2018

Could we do with a little story here? “A certain college student was pumping gas into his sports utility vehicle near New Paltz, New York, recently and a call came in, he flipped open his cellphone to take the call and suddenly found himself surrounded by flames”. His narration “I saw this nig ball of […]

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The 7 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

6th January 2018

If you need to edit or manipulate a photo or other image, in all likelihood you’ve considered using Adobe Photoshop to do so. First released almost thirty years ago, this powerful editing software is preferred by some of the world’s top designers and can be utilized to create almost anything the imagination can conjure up. […]

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The 25 best free iPhone Apps to use in 2018

5th January 2018

Android rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. This article brings you the 5 best Android root software and the 3 best Android root Apps which helps you root your Android phones and tablet phones […]

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Four ways of setting up a new android device

3rd January 2018

Whether new to Android device or have being using Android for sometimes now, when starting with a new or fresh Android device,it helps in check listing of sorys to get you started. As regards to a particular Android device or table, the main menu options might be different from the other, but must have similar […]

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